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Gallery: Serena Korda: Under the Rose


Serena Korda: Under the Rose

10 March – 28 July 2019 (offsite at Speke Hall)

 Following on from her enchanting installation The Bell Tree which saw the artist instal over one hundred ceramic mushrooms with accompanying soundtrack in the ancient woodland in March 2019 Serena Korda launches a second sound work, Under the Rose at Liverpool’s Speke Hall. Also commissioned by Bluecoat and the National Trust’s Trust New Art programme, this new work is inspired by the house itself, a tudor mansion adapted by the Victorians. Under the Rose or ‘Sub Rosa’ means ‘in secret’ and references both the symbolism of the rose and how ceiling roses were often placed in locations indicating that secrecy needed to be upheld. From priest holes for hiding Catholic clergy to eaves for servants to eavesdrop for their masters and mistresses this piece brings the architecture of listening in the house to life. An extract is available to listen to: https:// On site the artist invites you to then enter the courtyard of the building to experience the piece while standing next to Adam and Eve - the giant Yew trees at the centre of Speke Hall.

Under the Rose can be experienced alongside Korda’s The Bell Tree which launched in September 2018 and continues to 28 July 2019.


 Illustration from Athanasins Kircher’s 1673 book Phonurgia Nova "A New Method of Sound Production”

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