Dad, I want to be an artist


Rosa-Johan Uddoh's solo show 'Practice Makes Perfect' focuses on the subject of childhood education in Britain and the erasure of Black history. Responding to current debates about Black history within the National Curriculum, Uddoh has approached creating new work for this exhibition as therapeutic ‘wish fulfilment’ in a time of uncertainty and tension.
As part of the exhibition she has made an audio/text work 'Dad I want to be an artist', featuring her own father John Uddoh. The work starts with the question in the title "Dad I want to be an artist' but instead of career advice, the profound and inspirational words of Black feminist, lesbian, poet, mother, warrior Audre Lorde (1934-1992) flow forth.

'Dad I want to be an artist', (2021) by Rosa-Johan Uddoh. 8 minutes.

Starring John Uddoh.

Animation by Rose Nordin, sound by Joe Namy.

Dad's advice is taken from Audre Lorde's 'Poetry is not a luxury', 1985.

Available until 28 February 2022.