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... is a series of 15-minute insights from artists, scientists, writers, educators, storytellers and more, taking the themes from our exhibition programmes as the starting point.


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Listening with... Seke Chimutungwende

In this episode, dance artist and choreographer Seke Chimutengwende discusses storytelling, nonverbal communication, haunting and horror.

Listening with... Sadia Pineda Hameed

In our sixth episode, artist and writer Sadia Pineda Hameed reads an extract from 'To Make Philippines' and considers the things we can't talk about that stay as unspoken histories.

Listening with... HECs

In our fifth episode, we hear from the Heritage Education Centre Space at Bidston Observatory Artistic Research Centre. The HECS speak on precision, partial knowing and decentering histories.

Listening with... Michelle Henning

This week we're Listening With writer and Professor Michelle Henning to discuss Walter Benjamin, Modernity, and unfaithful atmospheres.

Listening with... Chris Frith

In this episode, neuroscientist and philosopher Chris Frith discusses his work into perception, swarm consciousness, and seeing things that aren’t there.

Listening with... Roger Hill

In this episode, storyteller and broadcaster Roger Hill recounts his life and work, the dementia dimension and the role of remembering.

Listening with... Suki Chan

In this episode, you'll hear from artist and filmmaker Suki Chan on deep time, intergenerational care and making art.