Make a Donation

The Bluecoat needs donations from visitors like you to remain free, accessible, and inspirational for all.

Blue Room artist in the foreground is drawing on a sketch pad while other members browse the gallery in the background.

Make a Donation

When you donate to Bluecoat, you can be sure your support will help develop someone’s creative potential...

  • £7.50 buys a materials pack for a child participating in one of our Out of the Blue art clubs.

  • £15.00 provides a learning disabled member of our Blue Room programme with data for a month to engage in creative sessions online.

  • £25.00 covers specialist staffing costs for one Belong at Home session for someone living with dementia.

Other ways to give:

Donate in person

Next time you visit Bluecoat, please consider making a cash or contactless donation at one of our donation points.

By donating, you’re helping someone access arts experiences they would otherwise not get to enjoy.

Gift a Membership

Show your appreciation to a loved one, friend or family member by purchasing them a Membership.