Complete Monoprinting

Explore unique ways of mark making with print using 3 different monoprint techniques.


11:00am - 5:00pm


Sat 31 August 2024

Sat 31 Aug, 11am - 5pm

Explore unique ways of mark making with print using 3 different monoprint techniques.

'A monoprint is a form of printmaking in which an image is made from a smooth surface or 'plate' coated in printing ink and transferred using various methods to another surface (paper, fabric etc). In contrast with other printing techniques, only one final image is made, making the technique closer to drawing or painting than other print processes.'

During this one day course you will learn 3 different methods of monoprinting to create a set of stunning, original pieces of artwork. Monoprint is a printmaking process that is easy for beginners and produces very impressive results! This workshop is especially useful for artists who primarily work with painting and drawing but would like to bridge the gap between their practice and printmaking.

On this workshop you will learn about and produce a print using these 3 methods:

Direct monoprint: Drawing
A technique in which ink is applied to a smooth surface and paper is laid on top. Artwork is created by ‘tracing’ and using various methods of pressure and mark making to transfer ink to the paper.

Reductive monoprint: Abstract Mark making
This method is great for creating abstract, multi-coloured artwork with monoprinting. Using stencils, multiple layers and wiping away areas of ink are all used to create some beautiful effects. You’ll use our 100 year old etching press to pull your reductive prints.

Screen monoprint: Painting
This technique uses mesh screens, squeegees and ink – much like screen printing. Paint onto your mesh screen and use the squeegee to pull through the image onto paper. The effect of flattening the ink creates a unique abstract, painterly print

Tickets: £70

(Attendees must be 18+)

What’s Included?

All materials you will use are included in the cost of the course, but you are welcome to bring along your own if you choose. Our studios are environmentally friendly where possible and use greener methods of screen printing, such as water-based acrylic inks. Completing this course will act as an Induction to book into our Screen Printing Studio should you wish to.

Do I need to prepare anything beforehand?

If you would like to prepare an image to bring with you to print you can use:

Hand drawn image: You can bring print outs to trace over for the direct monoprinting and images to take inspiration from with you on the day. If you would like to bring your own fabric items to print on, please feel free – although we cannot guarantee it will be suitable fabric to print onto!

What happens after the course?

After you’ve completed your course, you are free to book into our open access printmaking studios. Your course acts as an induction but if you feel like you would benefit from more info about our studios before booking a session we offer free health & safety inductions, just email:

We also offer a Bluecoat Artist Memberships scheme, which has lots of amazing perks for practicing and aspiring local printmakers. You can find out more information here.

Got any questions?

If you have any questions about the course or our studios, please email:

You can also find out more information here.