The Invisible Blue Island

Explore an augmented reality world created by Blue Room artists with Edie Jo Murray.


All day


Sat 25 June - Sat 01 October 2022

Blue Room artists invited Coventry-based digital artist Edie Jo Murray to collaborate on an interactive augmented reality artwork inspired by our garden.

This colourful and fun work can be experienced online via the website below, and in person in the Bluecoat. Look out for flowers with QR codes hidden around our garden.

The work is also available to experience at Norton Priory Museum & Gardens, our second location for Blue Room.

The artists were interested in telling the story of our ‘secret garden space’ at the Bluecoat and the natural landscape and walled garden of Norton Priory. They wanted to make a world that was both familiar and strange, where the everyday is filtered through our imagination until it becomes dream-like.

Blue Room artists used ‘real life’ materials like clay, paper, paint and card to make nature-inspired sculptures and drawings in the studio. Using processes such as photogrammetry we turned the objects into 3D digital models. These elements were exchanged with Edie who sculpted and collaged them into the six different ‘zones’ of the island.

The project has been developed with funding from the Garfield Weston Foundation.