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Comma Press presents: European Short Story Night

  • Wed, 12 Oct 2011
  • 8.00 PM - 9.30 PM
  • Tickets: £3/£2

Gregory Norminton and Milos IlicWith special guests Gregory Norminton (Scotland), and Milos Ilic (Serbia).

A rare chance to hear three leading exponents of the short story read their work, and discuss just what makes the European short story such a distinct and exciting literary form.

Please not that Emil Hakl will not be appearing at this event as previously advertised.

Gregory Norminton is a writer and environmentalist. His novels include The Ship of Fools (2002), Arts and Wonders (2004), Ghost Portrait (2005) and Serious Things (2008), all published by Sceptre. He wrote the stories 'Fall Caesar', 'The Poison Tree' and 'The Fortress at Bruges' for BBC Radio 4. His stories also appear in two forthcoming anthologies from Comma Press: Biopunk (2012), and the dystopian short fiction anthology Ten Years Asleep (2012).

Milos K. Ilic born in 1987 in Pancevo, Serbia, is one of the most exciting young writers to emerge from the former Yugoslav countries. He has been writing short stories for publication since he was fifteen. Four of his stories appeared in the respected anthology Rukopisi [Manuscripts], two in Alma short story anthologies, and a number of stories in smaller local magazines and on the Internet. His first collection, Pri?e o pivu [Beer Stories] (2008), was published by Laguna publishing house. 

Part of this year's Chapter & Verse Literature Festival for the full schedule click here or download the brochure

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