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WOW Festival 2012 presents George Garrett - A Stoker with a Punch

  • Sat, 19 May 2012
  • 1.00 PM - 4.00 PM
  • Tickets: £4 / 2

With Ken Worpole, Tony Wailey & Francis Boyce.

Writing on the Wall have been given a treasure trove of original documents once owned by writer & merchant seaman, George Garrett (1896-1966). This vital documentary evidence, brought out of a family suitcase, further illustrates what we know of George Garrett; seaman, poet, playwright, story writer, traveller, organiser, dissenter, anarcho communist, but adds even more, with original manuscripts and unpublished material, including plays and poetry.
To celebrate the life and work of this barely known cultural whirlwind, Writing on the Wall invites you to join Ken Worpole (Dockers and Detectives), Tony Wailey (Edgy Cities) and Francis Boyce to discuss his work and his achievements and to launch The George Garrett Archive Project.

Ken Worpole will develop the themes of his early essay on George Garrett in his 1984 book, Dockers & Detectives (new Five Leaves edition, 2009), in the light of more recently published Garrett writings, concentrating on Garrett's intense, spare literary style and its strong sense of social justice. Tony Wailey will explore Garrett’s work in the context of the position of the seaman and the working class in the 1920’s and 30’s, and Francis Boyce will share his recently published chapter, 'Liverpool-City of  Storytellers?' in which he discusses George Garrett’s work.

Ken Worpole is a former teacher, community activist, and author of many books on literature, landscape and architecture. These include, Dockers & Detectives (1984), Staying Close to the River (1996), Here Comes the Sun: architecture and public space in 20th century European culture (2001), Last Landscapes: the architecture of the cemetery in the West (2003), and most recently, Modern Hospice Design: the architecture of palliative care (2009). He is currently a Senior Professor at The Cities Institute, London Metropolitan University.

Tony Wailey is the author of eight books including pocket size novels and three collections of poetry. Originally a seaman, his work concerns the cosmopolitan nature of the maritime city. He wrote Edgy Cities with Steve Higginson which featured in the 2007 Writing on the Wall festival and spoke last year on the work of George Garrett. His book Our Party, will be published by Ikraal Media later this year.

Francis Boyce has written extensively on Garrett's life and work, recently contributing a chapter, 'Liverpool-City of Storytellers?' on the work of George Garrett and James Hanley to Liverpool John Moores University publication, Merseyside Culture and Space.

Part of the Writing on the Wall Festival 2012 - Below Decks. For the full programme click here

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