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PENTHOUSE - an installation by the inhouse gallery

  • Thu, 13 Feb 2014 - Sun, 02 Mar 2014
  • 10.00 AM - 6.00 PM
  • Tickets: Free

The top floor of the Bluecoat Vide is transformed into a penthouse apartment presenting original works and objects collected by artist-architect, Annabel Little, a member of the Bluecoat creative community, with the help of her partner, Italian cook and artist, Luca Siliprandi.

"The inhouse gallery is an ongoing project originally conceived as a way of combining my work as an architect with that as an artist and maker. It came about because I find it impossible separate these roles or place myself in one professional category or another. In seeking a format that would transcend the boundaries between art, design and architecture however, I have found myself compelled to dig deeper and explore the very nature of those boundaries and the attitudes that have formed them." - Annabel Little

The aim of this installation is to share this journey with the rest of the Bluecoat and the wider public on a number of different levels. As such, Penthouse is not only an exhibition of work but also as a setting for the shared exploration of a number of themes through the medium of domestic conviviality.


Sunday 23 February in the Upstairs bistro at the Bluecoat:

As part of the Penthouse exhibition, Italian artist and cook, Luca Siliprandi, will be preparing fresh homemade gnocchi in the bistro.  Watch him at work and treat yourself to a true Italian dish for only £6.50.










Meanwhile, up in the Penthouse, artist Robyn Woolston will be our guest at the dinner table, talking about the theme of home.


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