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Happenstance with Galvanize Ensemble

  • Fri, 31 Jul 2015
  • 7.30 PM - 9.30 PM
  • Tickets: Tickets: £5/£4

Happenstance creates a series of inter and un-connected performances based around the surrealist parlour game (exquisite corpse), using ‘cut up’ techniques. With improvised music by Galvanize ensemble, other music/installation by Tansy Davies, Helen Papaioannou, Robert Szymanek (LSO Soundhub composers’ scheme), Paul Fretwell, Laurie Anderson, John Cage, Christian Wolff, Stockhausen, Ryoko Akama (Huddersfield University). The ensemble is joined by emerging fine artist, Claire Orme, who creates site- specific performance pieces, as part of the project. Commissions for the project are by Manchester based sound artist Angie Atmadjaja and this performance includes the world premiere of composer Edward Jessen’s MAIDEN NAME. 

Galvanize Ensemble’s current project, Happenstance (supported by Arts Council England) commenced in July 2014 at Dean Clough Gallery Halifax, and has travelled to LV21 (Gillingham, Kent), Limewharf (London, E2), and Bluecoat (Liverpool, TBC). Happenstance creates a series of inter and un-connected performances based around the cadavre exquis surrealist parlour game, and chance interactions with the audience. It features improvised music by Galvanize, and works by Tansy Davies, Helen Papaioannou, Robert Szymanek, Paul Fretwell, Phil Maguire, Laurie Anderson, and John Cage, and commissions new work by sound/visual artist Angie Atmadjaja and composer Edward Jessen. 

Previous projects include Galvanize for Hack the Barbican, curated by School of Music and Fine Art Lecturers (University of Kent) Kate Halsall and Duncan MacLeod: a series of installations, cross disciplinary performances and exhibitions between 19th-23rd August 2013 as part of the Hack the Barbican Festival, Barbican Centre; Sound and Vision-improvised music for films relating to themes of landscape and change, using text sources from Benjamin Britten’s Peter Grimes (Letter XII from The Borough), Graham Greene, D H Lawrence (living in the chinks; The Rainbow) and Cumbrian poet Meg Peacocke. 100 Years Gallery, E9.

The films were created for Galvanize through a Sound and Music open call.Joel Bell e.guitar, Kate Halsall harmonium/piano, Paul Fretwell electronics, Phil Maguire sampler, Marjolaine Charbin piano, Jennifer Allum violin, Stephen Hiscock percussion, Donna Lennard Soprano.  


The Second Key - Tansy Davies, Galvanize Ensemble 
Screamingly Street Flowers - Rob Szymanek, Galvanize Ensemble 
The Beatles 1962-1970 - John Cage

Laurie Anderson mix arr. - Kate Halsall 
Life and Death is Wearing me Out - Angie Atmadjaja 
Interval .. with Phil Maguire/Claire Orme 
Clutch - Helen Papaioannou 
Text pieces - Christian Wolff (Looking North), Stockhausen (Vibration, Downwards) - Ryoko Akama
MAIDEN NAME - Edward Jessen WP 
Happenstance Mix 1/2  (sound installation, as people enter/exit) - Paul Fretwell

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