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Comma Press: Science into Fiction

  • Wed, 16 Dec 2015
  • 6.00 PM - 7.30 PM
  • Tickets: £3/2

Join us for the launch of Comma Press’ new 'Science into Fiction' Anthology Series, Thought X. Writers and scientists have been commissioned to collaborate on new short stories that explore the great 'what if's within physics - The Thought Experiment. Devised as a way of conducting an experiment to test the limits of a theory without actually having to conduct it, it shows that, contrary to popular belief, science is NOT averse to story-telling, the power of the imagination, or the creative possibilities of the 'what if'.  The event features physicist Tara Shears, author Adam Marek and one of the Comma staff present, talking about the collaboration between writer and scientist, and a reading of the resultant story.

Tara Shears

Tara Shears is a particle physicist and Professor of Physics at the University of Liverpool. She has spent her career investigating the behaviour of fundamental particles and the forces holding them together, and has worked at experiments at CERN, the European centre for particle physics, and at the Fermilab particle physics facility near Chicago, USA. Tara joined the LHCb experiment at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider in 2004, where she currently works.

Adam Marek

Adam Marek is an award-winning short story writer. He won the 2011 Arts Foundation Short Story Fellowship, and was shortlisted for the inaugural Sunday Times EFG Short Story Award. His first story collection Instruction Manual for Swallowing was nominated for the Frank O’Connor Prize. His stories have appeared in many magazines, including: Prospect and The Sunday Times Magazine, and in many anthologies including Lemistry,Litmus,The New Uncanny and Spindles from Comma Press, The New Herofrom Stoneskin Press, and The Best British Short Stories 2011. His second story collection, The Stone Thrower, was published in summer 2012 by Comma. Stories taken from both collections were featured on BBC Radio 4 Extra.

The project is supported by the Institute of Physics.

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