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The EVP Sessions: featuring Perera Elsewhere, Katrina Palmer and more

  • Thu, 22 Sep 2016
  • 8.00 PM - 11.00 PM
  • Tickets: £7/£5

Electronic Voice Phenomena returns with a series of electrifying live sessions featuring the best in hauntology, spoken word, glitch art and music inspired by the haunted circuitry of contemporary voice and electronics.

The EVP Sessions gathers newly-commissioned and specially-selected works from artists working across theatre, contemporary art, poetry and performance, into three very special hybrid shows. Expect to be thrilled, entertained and haunted in a show audiences have described as “mind-boggling” and “perplexingly good”.

Featuring Perera Elsewhere, Sue Tompkins, Appau Junior Boayke Yiadom, Antosh Wojcik, Katrina Palmer, and hosted by the award-winning playwright, poet and filmmaker Ross Sutherland. With new sound work by granular synthesis producer KEPLA featuring text from music-theorist Deforrest Brown Jr, and visuals by Chris Boyd derived from information found in face and voice recognition technology.

Doors at 7.30pm










Perera Elsewhere

Haunting voice, electronics and motion sensors in new trajectories from the hotly tipped Berlin-based Doom-Folk songstress and dungeon DJ.




Sue Tompkins

Spoken word performance as contemporary art. Pop lyrics and barely-recognisable phrases ravaged through unfamiliar stylings, but delivered with addictive intimacy. A secret code between best friends or lovers.




Appau Junior Boakye-Yiadom 

Rare performance from a contemporary artist best known for his parody and slapstick works. Steps from the “greatest dance sequence ever” are traced as dub echoes, sounding through Charles Dickens’ travel diary, golden-era Hollywood footage and live voice.



Katrina Palmer

Palmer’s groundbreaking approach to fiction won her the Art Angel Open in 2015. Her work reconfigures narrative fiction as a sculptural form. In this new monologue, a mythic, ironic grave digger works down through strata of hi-tech, vibrant materials, precious metals, plastics, junk and bones.




Antosh Wojcik

Unsettling new performance from the Roundhouse resident artist and poet, exploring memory loss through spoken glitches and live percussion. 

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