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  • Tue, 06 Sep 2016 - Thu, 17 Nov 2016
  • 6.00 PM - 5.00 PM

This autumn at Bluecoat, join us for a programme of events dedicated to supporting creative professional development, including sessions on selling your work, collecting artwork, and peer mentoring.

See the full events list below, and click the links to book tickets or find out more.

These events are delivered by Bluecoat in partnership with Bloomberg New Contemporaries; The Art Fund; International 3 with Mark Doyle; University of Liverpool, Artquest; Liverpool Print Fair; Comma Press and the International Association of Art Critics. 


Tue 6 Sep 6pm

How to Sell Your Work

Paulette Terry Brien (director, International 3 Gallery) leads a workshop on selling your artwork.


Wed 14 Sep 6pm

Jessica Foley: Engineering Fictions

A hands-on writing session where collective day-dreaming, conversation, experimental and uncreative writing help to tilt habits of occupational communication.


Thu 15 Sep 6pm

How to Collect Emerging Art

Mark Doyle, art adviser, and collector Connal Orton present a session on collecting the work of emerging artists.


Fri 30 Sep 11am - 4pm

Emerging Practices: Ensuring Development and Sustainability

A day long symposium in partnership with Art Fund featuring Francesco Manacorda (artistic director, Tate Liverpool); George Vasey (art writer & curator of The Northern Gallery) and Charlotte Higgins (chief culture writer of the Guardian)


Wed 5 Oct - Wed 8 Mar 7pm

Comma Press Short Story Course

Six months of writing workshops led by the acclaimed poet-turned-short story writer Michelle GreenComma Press, one of the UK’s leading publisher of short fiction is always looking for new voices in short fiction and it’s hoped that this course will unearth and develop contenders for one of their showcases of new writers.


Wed 12 Oct 1.30 - 4pm

Association of International Art Critics present: Bilocation

A panel discussion exploring the state of being in two places at once. Participants include Sonia Boyce, Nina Edge and Adham Faramawy, with convenor Sylwia Serafinowicz.


Fri 14 - Sun 16 Oct

Syllabus II

A peer-led learning programme presenting a public event over the closing weekend of Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2016.


Sat 12 Nov 12 - 5pm

Liverpool Print Fair

Bluecoat Print Studio and The Print Social present affordable work by specially selected emerging artists. The fair is a celebration of printmaking in a variety of form.

Applications from artists will close on Sunday 11 September.


Thu 17 Nov 10am - 5pm

Galleries of Enquiry: Philosophy's contribution to curating, learning, and public engagement practices of today's art world

One-day workshop, drawing on Dr Yiota Vassilopoulou's recently completed pioneering Philosopher in Residence at Bluecoat (2013-15)



(Image credit: Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2016, installtion View, Bluecoat, 2016)

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