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Workshop: Do Feel Think Curate

  • Mon, 09 Jan 2017
  • 11.00 AM - 5.00 PM
  • Tickets: £3/£2


This event will now be re-scheduled for later in the year. For more information please contact Bec Fearon, at

Reflecting on the exhibition Auto Agents which has been curated by learning disabled artists, this workshop explores collective and collaborative ways of curating, taking the curators unique approaches as a starting point.  

During the workshop audiences will hear from project leader Jade French and enjoy a participatory guided tour of Auto Agents led by the curators. Auto Agents' commissioned artist James Harper will be sharing an exclusive video lecture Cant Touch This (2016), and participants are invited to create a zine (a DIY publishing practice) with the curators in order to further reflect the themes of the exhibition, shifting models of curating, as well as the potential impact upon artists, curators, institutions and audiences. 


  1. An introduction from Jade French to outline overall project.
  2. A participatory guided tour of the Auto Agents exhibition led by the curators. Participants will be invited to sketch during the tour to promote different ways of ‘looking’ at art.
  3. An exclusive video lecture titled Can’t Touch This by Auto Agent’s commissioned artist James Harper which explores the collaborative processes behind developing the work.
  4. Lunch. 
  5. Zining Session. Zines – a DIY publishing practice – have informed Jade’s methodology in researching with the group. Together the attendees will be supported to make a zine together about the central issues of the workshop; collaboration, choice and status.
  6. Reflection and evaluation. This will be take the form of a facilitated discussion and questionnaire.

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