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Introduction to Screenprint

  • Sat, 06 Oct 2018 - Fri, 26 Apr 2019
  • 11.00 AM - 5.00 PM
  • Tickets: £60/£50

Print studio

On this one day workshop you will be shown how to create a two layer print within our screenprint studio all the way from designing your image to pulling the squeegee and creating your print. You will be shown how to coat and expose a screen using our specialist equipment.

This workshop is for complete beginners and printers that require a refresher and once you have completed it you will be able to come and hire our facilities.

(We also offer an Intermediate class to push your skills even further). 

To find out about other workshops available through the Bluecoat Print Studio please click here.

This season, Introduction to Screenprint occurs on the following dates:

Sat 6 Oct / 11am - 5pm

Sat 13 Oct / 11am - 5pm

Sat 20 Oct / 11am - 5pm

Fri 26 Oct / 11am - 5pm

Sat 3 Nov / 11am - 5pm

Sat 17 Nov / 11am - 5pm 

Sat 23 Nov / 11am - 5pm

Sat 1 Dec / 11am - 5pm

Sat 8 Dec / 11am - 5pm

Sat 12 Jan / 11am - 5pm

Sat 25 Jan / 11am - 5pm

Sat 2 Feb / 11am - 5pm

Sat 9 Feb / 11am - 5pm

Sat 22 Feb / 11am - 5pm

Sat 2 Mar / 11am - 5pm

Sat 9 Mar / 11am - 5pm

Sat 22 Mar / 11am - 5pm

Sat 6 Apr / 11am - 5pm

Sat 12 Apr / 11am - 5pm

Sat 26 Apr / 11am - 5pm

Please note: We only refund cancellations with 14 days notice of workshop date. Any cancellation within 14 days we will endeavour to fill your space, but a refund can only be made if that space is filled and if it’s a group booking then we cannot guarantee that all the spaces will be sold, as we advertise each space individually. 

Please note: All of our workshops and courses are for adults age 18+. If you're interested in accompanied workshops for under 18s please 2019 please drop up us a line at We also run regular hands on family workshops and weekends. 

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Tickets & Information

0151 702 5324 |

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