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The Lighthouse Invites the Storm

  • Fri, 28 Jul 2017
  • 8.30 PM - 10.00 PM
  • Tickets: Free, booking required

Dream of a storm invited / dream of a ghostly carousel

Dream of a fire ignited / in the engine rooms of Hell…

Fri 28 July 8.30pm


The Lighthouse Invites the Storm (electric)

In tandem with the Malcolm Lowry Under the Volcano conference, artists Alan Dunn, Jeff Young and Martin Heslop have been commissioned to explore Lowry’s relationship with his New Brighton birthplace, working with retired merchant seafarers from Mariners’ Park.

For the performance The Lighthouse Invites the Storm Martin Heslop and Jeff Young will be joined onstage by Liverpool’s musical maverick Jack Roberts, multi-instrumentalist Vidar Norheim and singer-songwriter Mersey Wylie. Encompassing live music, film projection, spoken word and songs, this mesmerising new piece weaves together Lowry’s alcoholic visions, the dreams and memories of retired mariners, and the forces of river and ocean to take the audience on a Lowryesque journey into the heart of the storm.

Sat 29 July 7pm

The Lighthouse Invites the Storm (acoustic)

Mariners' Park Care Home, Royden Avenue, Wallasey, CH44 0HN

There are limited tickets available for the Saturday performance, to book your ticket click here.

Looking out over the Mersey itself, Mariners’ Park – home to retired seafarers – plays host to this evening of live music, spoken word, readings and songs in tribute to Malcolm Lowry, drawing on the memories and experiences of the merchant seamen of Mariners’ Park. Performed by Martin Heslop, Jeff Young, Jack Roberts, Vidar Norheim and Helen Tookey.

Tickets will be limited and booking will be available soon.
Tickets will be limited and booking will be available soon.

In addition to the performances at Bluecoat and Mariners’ Park there will be a variety of other opportunities to engage with the project, including

  • A poster-work at Merseyrail stations;
  • artworks distributed free in the Wirral Globe
  • A Day of the Dead download mix by Dunn, Balam Ronan and Phil Legard
  • An open afternoon, The Leaving of Liverpool, at Mariners’ Park on Wed 26 Jul, 2.30 - 4pm, Friday 28 Jul, 2.30-4pm, and Saturday 29 Jul, 2.30-4pm, programmed by Roger Cliffe-Thompson with content courtesy of National Museums Liverpool (Merseyside Maritime Museum) - an opportunity to meet retired seafarers and see displays and artefacts.

To find out more about these related events please visit The Lighthouse Invites the Storm website.

Visit our Lowry event page for more information about our Malcolm Lowry conference: Under the Volcano, 70 Years On.

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