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Beautiful World Reading and Discussion Group

How do we imagine or understand a Beautiful World?

In a series of participatory events artist Jon Davies extends an invitation on how we explain the times we’re living in and encourages us to share ideas, texts and conversations.

Davies begins from the position that in order to change the world for the better we need to broaden our understanding of work and production, the environment, gender and sexuality, race and nations, and whether the status quo is stopping us from working towards a better world.

Davies and invited guests including artist Diann Bauer, Priya Sharma, Salma Noor will debate the contemporary moment through five provocations: Which Utopia, followed by Dehumanise,Defamiliarise, Decolonise,  Deindustrialise.

The Beautiful World Reading and Discussion Group will meet on the following dates:


What if we conceive the world without humans as the apex of control and need? What does it mean to become posthuman, and are we even there yet? Jon Davies invites participants to discuss what it means to be human, who gets to be humanised and the possibility of changing or even moving away from the humanist project which began over 4 centuries ago.

Tue 11 Sep / 6 - 7pm


Led by Diann Bauer. Xenofeminism: A Politics for Alienation is a manifesto written in 2015 by Laboria Cuboniks, a working group of 6 women across 5 countries. It articulates a feminism adequate to the conditions of complexity and abstraction constitutive of the early 21st century. It recognizes that reorienting the systems in which we are now embedded toward broader justice, can be made possible, in part by technology, alienation and the capacity for abstraction, not despite these things. The manifesto ends with the grand claim -If Nature is unjust: Change Nature!-  

Tue 25 Sep / 6 - 7pm


Currently the UK labour force is facing a low productivity problem, despite reaching near full employment. The culture of work seeps into our private lives to the point that many boast of being busy. Jon Davies seeks to ask why we have become so invested in work, and what would happen if we prioritised free time and laziness in our lives.

Tue 9 Oct / 6 - 7pm


The final session of the series with The Radical Womyn's Dance Party, a collective of female artists, writers and academics based in Liverpool. For this session the collective will be discussing borders; from violent state borders, controlling the flow of capital and human life to invisible borders embodied by groups and institutions, controlling the types of bodies that inhabit spaces. How are these borders constructed and in what ways can we begin to physically and mentally dismantle them?

Tue 23 Oct / 6 - 7pm

Tickets: £3 per session.

Image credit: Salma Noor, CALL__ing CALL__ing CAL____ing 49, 2017, Digital Collage.

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