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Ambit Magazine - A Potted History

  • Wed, 03 Apr 2019
  • 7.00 PM - 9.00 PM

Ambit Magazine presents a celebration of 60 years of continuous publication with a special workshop and readings.

Ambit is a London-based 96 page literary and art magazine that features poetry, prose and art. They strive to feature fresh voices and visions from across the world, placing first-time writers alongside giants of the scene.

Discover the amazing history of Ambit through letters from the archive read by editor Briony Bax and hear readings from poets Chris McCabe, Tony Dash, Jennifer Lee-Tsai and Brian Wake, all of whom have appeared in Ambit. There will also be readings from the famous Ambit 92 Liverpool issue published in 1983.

A hilarious look at the evolution of the magazine with some serious poetry thrown in. The evening will include a tribute to Henry Graham who was Poetry Editor of Ambit for many years and who died in February this year.



Briony Bax is Editor of Ambit Magazine.

A poet, editor, producer and social activist her work has appeared in Ambit, Herrings Anthology, Meat, New River Press Anthology and she’s been a featured poet in Poetry in Motion in Los Angeles.






Chris McCabe’s work crosses artforms and genres including fiction, non-fiction, drama and visual art.

He was shortlisted for the Ted Hughes Award in 2013 and his five collections of poetry include Speculatrix (2014) and The Triumph of Cancer (2018), which is a Poetry Book SocietyRecommendation. His first novel, Dedalus, which is a sequel to Ulysses, was published by Henningham Family Press in 2018 and is shortlisted for the 2019 Republic of Consciousness Prize. He works as the National Poetry Librarian.


Jennifer Lee Tsai is a fellow of The Complete Works and a Ledbury Poetry Critic.

Her poems are published in the Bloodaxe anthology, Ten: Poets of the New Generation (2017), OxfordPoetry, The Rialto, Ambit, SMOKE and Soundings. Her debut poetry pamphlet is forth coming in July 2019 from ignition press.





Brian Wake is a Liverpool born poet and publisher with work published and broadcast in the UK and abroad for many years.

Has published some eight books of poems and has recently been working with musicians and visual artists on a series of multimedia projects






Tony Dash is a writer from Liverpool, and was Poetry Editor at Ambit from 2008 until 2013.








Image Credits 

Photo credit for Briony’s photo Alexandra Preston

Photo credit for Jennifer’s photo credit: Suzanne Lau

Photo credit for Chris McCabe’s photo Gregory Hesse-Wagner

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