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Bido Lito!: The Pow Wow! Debate and The Roger Eagle Memorial Lecture with Bill Drummond

  • Fri, 07 Jun 2019
  • 6.30 PM - 10.00 PM


6.30pm - 10pm

Marking 100 issues of its magazine, Bido Lito! presents this unique evening, part of its bido100! celebration. Pow Wow! is a discursive event where the key issues and challenges we might face in 2028 will be discussed. It is followed by a talk in memory of a Liverpool music legend, by another Liverpool legend.


The Pow Wow! Debate

Representatives from the worlds of art, politics and journalism discuss our creative future. Sophie Zeldin-O’Neill (The Guardian’s Assistant Membership Editor), Alison McGovern (Labour MP, Wirral South), Dr. Ariel Edesess (Low Carbon Eco-Innovatory, LJMU) join Bido Lito! founder Craig G Pennington to consider what the future holds: a dystopian, culture-less nightmare, or a utopian, technicolour dream? What will the media of the future look like? How will our political systems change? What can we do to protect the planet against climate change? 


The Roger Eagle Memorial Lecture by Bill Drummond

Few people have had such an impact on Liverpool’s music story as Roger Eagle. He founded Eric’s club and changed the sound, sensibility and mind-set of the city’s music community for good. As promoter at The Stadium, he brought the likes of Lou Reed, Captain Beefheart and David Bowie to Liverpool.  And as mentor to the myriad musicians and dreamers who passed through his orbit, he was an outlook-shaping force. 

Bido Lito! never met Roger but they have been moulded by his legacy and the Eric’s-generation whose lives he touched and perspectives he shaped. “The Roger Eagle Memorial Lecture will act as Bido Lito's ongoing tribute to the man. Each year, they will invite an artist, musician or instigator - someone whose take and perspective on the world today is in tune with Roger’s spirit - to deliver a lecture on a music-related subject they see as pertinent and pressing today. Their only starting reference will be a copy of ‘Brutality, Religion And A Dance Beat’, Bill Drummond’s pamphlet written at the time of Roger’s passing in 1999”. So, who better to give the inaugural lecture than Bill Drummond, whose unique character and perspective was shaped by Roger during his formative Eric’s years? 

The event will be followed by DJ's in the upstairs dining area until late. 

This event is part of the bido100! programme of project, marking 100 issues of Bido Lito! magazine.

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About bido100!

To mark the publication of the 100th issue Bido Lito! will be taking the opportunity to look forwards rather than backwards, asking the following question: what will be the key issues and challenges, opportunities and changes we’ll be grappling with in 2028? Through a series of projects, bido100! will explore our fast-paced and unpredictable tech-laced future and look to learn what we can do differently today to help shape a better, creative tomorrow.

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