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Cabinet of Curiosities of Mr. Bonsai

Filippos Tsitsopoulos presents: Cabinet of Curiosities of Mr. Bonsai - performance, video installation and lecture at the Bluecoat.

Later this year, Filippos Tsitsopoulos will present several night video installations and performances at several  botanic gardens of Europe finishing at Berlin’s Botanischer Garten, turning them into a chamber of marvels, a zoological garden of video portraits. 

Here Fililippos talks about and presents a live performance of his project.

Filippos Tsitsopoulos is an installation, video theatre and performance media artist who has worked in the field of interactive theatre installation art exploring the limits of performance as well as in painting since 1990. His practice engages the spectator/participant to a new theater or rather a system of including theater as a catalyst of our daily life Concepts that belongs to the theatre, traditional theatre, modern theatre are applying to visual arts observing the effects that these concepts can produce in the "image" as plasticity behaviour.With the use of self made masks made from living materials and animals or plants is constructing parallel equivalents that enclose and juxtaposing temporally disproportionate elements.

His video installations have been exhibited in a numerous exhibitions and art fairs and events

Filippos is living in Liverpool. From his studio in Brompton Avenue as base, lances projects, exhibitions and workshops planning and performances. Tsitsopoulos is also part of the external collaborators of Educational Department of the Prado Museum in Madrid since 2005 in which teaches drawing and art aesthetic with the theme " Irony in Art" in the Prado Museum still. "Irony in Art" was his research theme during his Doctorate studies in Fine Arts in Complutense University of Madrid from1990- 1996. He studied painting in Aristoteleion University of Thessaloniki in the Faculty of Fine Arts from 1985-1990

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