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Exhibitors for the springartmarket will be

2Dartmarket organisers:

Frieda McKitrick

Elaine Adams

Eli Pascal-Willis

Accompanied by:

Sarah Cleal

Debrea Lewis

Jenny Dunlop

Jane Adams

Daniel Meakin

Carolyn Hird-Rogers

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2dartmarkets at the Bluecoat

  • Sat, 22 Nov 2014
  • 11.00 AM - 5.00 PM

‘The Bluecoat believes everyone can be creative and it is our aim to provide a space where creativity can flourish and be shared’  The Bluecoat  

This initiative at the Bluecoat sets out to provide opportunities for showcasing emerging and established artists by offering opportunities to exhibit and sell to the public within the historic and cultural setting of the Bluecoat in the heart of the city. It hopes to address the issue of providing a high profile outlet for artistic talent in Liverpool, the North West and beyond. The 2dartmarkets will be quarterly events, the next two occuring on:

summerartmarket Sat 16 Aug and winterartmarket Sat 22 Nov


We have a brilliant selection of artists on show, ready to sell you there wares.


2Dartmarket at the Bluecoat invites artists/exhibitors to apply based on the following information: Two-dimensional artwork only | Original art work and limited edition prints | Reproduction cards of artists own work are acceptable but only as a supplement to original work | Any 2D medium including paint, print, textiles, photography, 2D ceramic art, mixed media will be considered.

This is an outdoor courtyard event and exhibitors will need to provide their own gazebo, appropriate gazebo weights,  exhibiting equipment such as:  easels/table top easels, table, browsers. All payment for artwork goes directly to the artist.  The cost of a space is £35 per event. All exhibitors must have their own public liability insurance ( offer this for approx £30 per annum)

To apply, please download the following application form, fill it in and save it as a word document and send it to us via e 

Download 2dartmarket Application Form

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Tickets & Information

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