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Airports for the Lights, Shadows and Particles - A survey exhibition by Jyll Bradley

  • Fri, 25 Feb 2011 - Sun, 01 May 2011
  • 10.00 AM - 6.00 PM

jyll bradley

Daily 10am – 6pm, free, no ticket required.

Jyll Bradley’s first major survey exhibition spans the last 20 years. It encompasses photographic installation, text and sound and includes newly commissioned work. Exploring ideas of identity, Bradley employs the form and dynamics of commercial display, such as advertising light-boxes. Light acts as a protagonist, drawing together the photographic, the literary and the sculptural to create reflective spaces for inquiry into artistic choices, belief and love. Her interest in space extends to the medium of sound. Award-winning work for BBC radio is characterised by both innovative use of language and a passion for bringing to light lesser known narratives. Bradley is also well-known for Fragrant, her international project stemming from the complex relationship between people and plants. In 2007-08 she was Artist in Residence in Liverpool’s historic, yet neglected Botanical Collection.

Jyll Bradley was born in 1966 and studied at Goldsmiths College and The Slade. She was nominated for the Becks Futures in 2005 and The Paul Hamlyn Foundation Award in 2006 and 2007.

Airports for the Lights, Shadows and Particles is a touring exhibition organised by Newlyn Art Gallery (The Exchange), Penzance.

Where the title came from - John Cage once described Robert Rauschenberg’s white paintings as ‘Airports for the lights, shadows and particles’. He recognised that a white surface is sensitive to its surroundings. Reflections arrive and depart, creating a greater awareness of the viewer’s environment and space.

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