International Non-Binary Day with artist Lucille Swith

Liverpool artist Lucille Swith reflects on what International Non-Binary Day means to them.

Date posted

14 July 2021

I don’t really have much to say for international non-binary day, however it is an important one to me so I’ll keep it short and keep it positive.

It’s taken me a long time to grow comfortable into my identity, and that is with no doubt thanks to surrounding myself with the most amazing and supportive trans and non-binary comrades. When you are able to see yourself in others it provides you with the confidence to do what they do, and to be yourself. Every one of us is brave, visible or not, to simply exist in a world that continuously and relentlessly wants to stamp us out or pretend that we don’t exist. Don’t let them win. We are here, we always have been and we always will be.

Celebrate the small wins and please remember that progress takes time so be kind to yourself. My work is forever and will always be dedicated to the trans and non-binary people in my life. I am so proud of us.

Happy international non-binary day comrades.

About the artist

"My practice explores gender, Queerness, class, labour, and softness, and how these intersecting areas affect how I navigate the world and relationships.

I use various craft methods in order to create collages across different mediums, playfully repurposing small objects and 'trinkets' that symbolise my relationship to gender, particularly a nostalgia for girlhood using angsty, punk, schoolgirl aesthetics.

More recently, I have taken an interest in photography; quite often my work relies upon intervention in which I manipulate everyday materials and objects in order to bend their meanings.

I am drawn to photography as a means to capture a moment, in which my ideas are prevalent in a still and single frame without physical intervention by my hand. Instead of manipulating materials, I manipulate the lens to create the image, and pick out the poetry afterwards."

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