The Sandon Studios Society, Liverpool’s artistic rebels

Date posted

13 January 2020

Bluecoat's Artistic Director Bryan Biggs will be giving an illustrated talk on the Sandon Studios Society at a symposium, 'Pilkington Tiles and the Arts and Crafts Communities in Britain c.1890-1930' at Salford Museum and Art Gallery on 10 February, 12-4pm.

The Sandon started as an independent art school in 1905, set up by a group of students and staff at Liverpool University College's School of Architecture & Applied Arts. They moved into the vacant Bluecoat building in 1907, establishing an arts community that was instrumental in developing the building into the UK's first arts centre.

The talk will look at key figures involved in the Sandon including Fanny Calder, Herbert Tyson Smith, Edward Carter Preston, Charles Reilly and Roderick Bisson and significant exhibitions like the first Post-Impressionists show in 1911, when works by Picasso, Matisse, Cézanne and others were exhibited at Bluecoat.

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