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Chapter & Verse Literature Festival 2011

  • Wed, 12 Oct 2011 - Sun, 16 Oct 2011
  • 10.00 AM - 8.00 PM

Chapter & Verse festival

The fourth Chapter & Verse festival at the Bluecoat presents a breadth of literature which will appeal to all those interested in the power of the word, spoken, written, reported and performed. 

The Bluecoat will welcome over 40 writers working across the literature spectrum: novels, poetry, non-fiction, journalism, short stories, biographies, histories, children’s books, bookmaking, storytelling, comic books, spoken word performance, publishing and bookselling.

Over five days, there are more than 35 events as well as offsite projects, making this year’s festival as packed and diverse as ever.

There is much for audiences to engage with – listening to authors read and talk about their latest book, taking part in discussions, hearing about the newest developments in publishing in the digital age, experiencing new forms of performance poetry, participating in workshops, and much more.

Bryan Biggs, Artistic Director at the Bluecoat said: “Some of this year’s events are responding to Liverpool’s theme for 2011, City of Radicals. We look at writers who have challenged the status quo in their work, from Malcolm Lowry to Bob Marley, to a new generation of spoken word innovators and writers getting beneath the surface of the turbulent political and economic times we are experiencing. 

To find out more about the events in the festival follow the links below or download the brochure here  

Wednesday 12 October
11.00am App-ter & Verse
2.00pm Clare Sambrook & Paul Lewis: Future of Journalism
6.00pm Ed Vulliamy: A Feral Elite
8.00pm European Short Story Night

Thursday 13 October
11.45am Alliance of Radical Booksellers Symposium 
3.30pm Poetry Open Mic
6.00pm Colin Grant: I&I: The Natural Mystics 

Friday 14 October
11.00am Artists Book Fair
2.30pm Alexandra Harris: Romantic Moderns
5.00pm John Williams: The Liverpool Way
6.30pm Edge Hill Short Story Prize-winners 
6.30pm Film Screening: Barbaric Genius
7.30pm The Dike Omeje Slam Poetry Award 2011 

Saturday 15 October
11.00am Poetry Workshop: Motivism
11.00am The 2011 Lowry Tour
12.00pm Traditional Bookbinding Workshop
1.00pm Love Books: The Pram in the Hall
2.00pm Uprising!
4.00pm Litmus - Short Stories From Modern Science
6.00pm Patricia Duncker: The Strange Case of the Composer and his Judge
8.00pm Sarah Hall: The Beautiful Indifference

Sunday 16 October
12.00pm Explore: Arabic Folktales
12.00pm Explore Family Cartoon Workshop
12.30pm Deconstructing Voices
3.00pm Stories from Somalia
3.00pm Michael Murphy and Matt Simpson: A Celebration
5.30pm Robert Sheppard: Berlin Bursts
7.00pm Penny Feeny: That Summer in Ischia
8.30pm Mercy presents Electronic Voice Phenomena

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