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Scandinavia Has Been Good To Me

  • Fri, 20 Nov 2015
  • 8.00 PM - 9.30 PM
  • Tickets: Tickets £10/£8

The world is in a mess, the nation is in a state and a good friend has disappeared. The only clues to where he has gone and whether he will return are a box of memories of past wanderings and a note - “Scandinavia Has Been Good To Me”. Enter Mandy Romero, transgender detective extraordinaire, to make sense of it all.

Is there a “better place”? Is it anywhere you can get to by walking? What’s rave got to do with it? Or Japanese poetry, for that matter? 

This is the Premiere of a new performance which completes the trilogy of autobiographical shows which began at The Bluecoat in 2010 with “Stevenage”. That show was Mandy Romero’s first full-length exploration of her complicated relationship with her creative associate Roger Hill. A trailer film for “Stevenage” can be seen here.

The show toured widely and eventually found its inevitable home at the Stevenage Festival in 2013 and the New Town which inspired it. In 2012 the SHOUT Festival in Birmingham commissioned “In Excelsis – A Personal History of Glam Rock”, the second full-length performance to explore a section of life history, appropriately the mid-1970’s in the West Midlands, and its (absent) protagonist’s infatuation with Glam Rock. The piece ends with a specially-created Glam Rock band number

In the meantime Roger Hill has himself produced a film “Punk Snow” which portrays his first two years of residence in Liverpool (1978-80) with particular reference to the famous Eric’s Club. The film premiered at The Bluecoat in July 2015.

In “Scandinavia Has Been Good To Me” Mandy carries forward the trilogy’s narrative from 1983 to ’96, a time when Liverpool and many other places were the focus for personal regeneration, and concludes with a homecoming, and a leaving.

A Multi-Media Solo Performance by Mandy Romero
Directed by Cathy Butterworth
Music by Barry Han
Commissioned by the Homotopia Festival

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