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Transmutable Voices: New Aesthetics of Citizenship

  • Sat, 12 Nov 2016
  • 4.00 PM
  • Tickets: £10

Join us for a relaxed performance, exhibition and installation.

The performance exhibition combines photo-performances co-created with Manuel Vason, a performance of the Migrant Artists Mutual Aid (MaMa) Choir, footage by award winning filmmaker Phil Cox of 'MaMa Summer Camp', a listening station where you can have a unique glimpse into the reality of seeking sanctuary from gender based violence and a "performative a[u]ction" of the photographs to for the choir legal fund.

This autumn is the 5th Anniversary of Migrant Artists Mutual Aid 5 years of performance, music, campaigning, laughter, tears and prayers. Much has gotten worse in the UK for women seeking sanctuary, but as a group MaMa are stronger than ever.

On June 24th 2016 MaMa choir members along with visiting artists began devising their current work. Transmutable Voices: new aesthetics of citizenship was conceived as a way to capture and disseminate the unique community of Migrant Artists Mutual Aid. They have collaborated with World Renowned photographer Manuel Vason and award winning filmmaker Phil Cox (native voice) to capture the journeys and the voices of the women of MaMa.

This event is a unique opportunity to be part of MaMa’s ongoing journey. This relaxed performance is a celebration of how far they have come, how far they have to go, a relaxed performance suitable for the whole family and also a chance to be part of a community based justice project. The new aesthetics of citizenship embraces all of us and a performance a(u)ction will offer an opportunity to support a justice fund for the MaMa choir members.

For more information on Migrant Artists Mutual Aid, please read founding member Jennifer Verson's blog that she produced for Bluecoat.

For more information please call 0151For child and group discounts get in touch with a MaMa Member via our Facebook page.

 702 5324 or email

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