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Exhibition Oct 2015: Niamh O’Malley: Glasshouse

  • Sat, 10 Oct 2015 - Sun, 10 Jan 2016
  • 10.00 AM - 6.00 PM
  • Tickets: Free, entry

10 Oct 2015 - 10 Jan 2016

Bluecoat presents the first major solo show in a UK public gallery by Dublin based artist Niamh O’Malley. Working across video, drawing, painting, print & sculpture, O’Malley’s work is distinctive for her use of reflective surfaces such as mirror and glass through which images are constructed, revealed and obscured. At Bluecoat O’Malley has created new sculptural works that respond to the unique gallery architecture. Her sculptures and drawings chart and frame the marks made by gestures and processes, while the lens of her camera gives attention to the surfaces and nature of objects and places. In her videos O’Malley’s investigations into the construction of images has led her to working with sites, such as the hewn face of a quarry, rows of greenhouses, as well as a singular mountainscape and her own garden. O’Malley’s studies of anonymous yet evocative locations evoke the instant when fleeting moments coalesce as memory.

Read our round-up of critical reponses to Glasshouse here. 

Exhibition related events:

Thu 15 Oct 2015Artist Talk: Niamh O’Malley & Sean Borodale

Fri 23 Oct 2015: LJMU Writers' Workshop presents: Tara Bergin and Jeff Young

Wed 28 Oct 2015Artist Film & Video Screening: Infrastructural Objects

Sat 7 Nov 2015: Exhibition Tour by Madeline Hall

Sat 28 Nov 2015: Exhibition Tour by Marie-Anne McQuay

Sat 9 Jan 2016Exhibition Tour by Jennifer Barker

Click here for a virtual tour of the work. 

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  • The Henry Moore Foundation
  • Culture Ireland

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