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The Vulnerable Society reading Group with Jack Tan

  • Thu, 13 Dec 2018
  • 6.00 PM - 7.00 PM

Thu 13 Dec 6pm

Led by artist Jack Tan, The Vulnerable Society Reading Group is a one-off reading and discussion group which will look at Martha Alberson Fineman’s Theory of Vulnerability. Tan will be joined by Jade Montserrat, who has invited Tan to lead the discussion, and the event will happen within her installation. Take a look at the Reading text

Martha Albertson Fineman is an internationally recognized law and society scholar and leading authority on family law and feminist legal theory. Her interests include the regulation of family and intimacy in law and the legal implications of universal dependency and vulnerability.  

In this essay Fineman discusses vulnerability as inherent to the human condition and how we might champion common vulnerabilities. 

Jack Tan will give an informal introduction to Fineman's work and why it matters at the start of the session, you are then invited to join in with the discussion. 



About Jack Tan: 

Jack Tan makes work that explores the connection between the social, the legal and art. Using social relations and cultural norms as material, he creates performances, performatives, sculpture, video and participatory projects that highlight the rules — customs, rituals, habits and theories — that guide human behaviour.

Prior to becoming an artist, Tan trained as a lawyer and worked in civil litigation as well as in NGOs undertaking human rights case, policy and campaigning work. He then studied ceramics, obtaining a BA from the University of Westminster and an MA from the Royal College of Art. He can just completed an animal court commission 'Four Legs Good' for Compass Festival:

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