The 2018 Malcolm Lowry at the Bluecoat


The 2018 Lounge moved from Birkenhead to Liverpool where it continued with a musical focus at the Bluecoat. Images here document a screening of a film of The Lighthouse Invites the Storm performance commissioned from the previous year from Dunn, Martin Heslop and Jeff Young that reconnected Lowry with his New Brighton birthplace and was developed with retired seafarers in Wallasey; Mark Goodall's illustrated talk, Symphony of Scorpions: Malcolm Lowry and Modern Jazz; an 'Open Malc' session with contributions from John Hyatt and Thalia Styx (The dead dog flew out of the ravine into someone’s arms: Lowry re-versed) and Alan Peters' self-penned Day of the Dead Man Blues; finishing with a Lowry-themed DJ set from Bryan Biggs.