The 2019 Lowry Lounge: evening programme


The 2019 Lounge concluded at the Bluecoat with a celebration of ten years of activity. It featured music, visuals, talks and performances, including Ailsa Cox’s fictional imagining of the lost footage of Lowry's Tender is the Night, as filmed by Orson Welles. Helen Tookey introduced her recent residency in Nova Scotia, looking at Lowry in relation to another writer who spent time in Canada, Elizabeth Bishop. There were musical performances from John Hyatt and Alan Peters, an ‘Open Malc’ of reflections from people involved in the Lounge, and the launch of the fifth edition of occasional Lowry journal The Firminist, edited by Mark Goodall. The evening ended with a toast to Lowry. The empty mescal bottle was then filled with messages written by Lounge attenders to a future love, or a love letter to someone who had passed away. This 'art ceremony', The Bravest Bottle, inspired by Lowry's story The Bravest Boat and his This Dead Letter, was devised by John Hyatt who later threw the sealed bottle into the Mersey, to be washed up on some distant shore.

The images featured include Helen's talk and John Hyatt holding a bottle of messages.