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Print Sale: Limited Edition Print by Emily Speed

31 July - 31 December 2013

Sfogliatelle by Emily Speed, Screen Print, 2013, Limited Edition of 50

Print Sale for the Print Studios

Emily Speed's Sfogliatelle is currently on sale at the Bluecoat to help raise money for the Print Studios. Each print is £120 (unframed) and they are available to purchase from Tickets & Information in the hub.

About the work:

Sfogliatelle (a type of Italian pastry and meaning 'many leaves/layers') continues to explore a sculptural work Facades/Flats that Emily Speed made in Rome in 2012. Façades/Flats looked at the layers of theatrical façades that exist within a city, especially those whose bricks, design or size communicate power and clearly signify exclusion. Speed is also interested in the ever-changing nature of cities and how quickly buildings appear and disappear. In the print, several layers do not really exist; they are made using only negative space and hopefully create a slippery space that one can never be totally certain about.



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