A person dressed in a black jumper throws a yellow piece of fabric over a blue and white wall. They are stood in front of a doorway.

Garth Gratrix

PIVOT artist in residence 2020 - present

Garth Gratrix’s work uses strategies of queering to reveal ways that materials, language and spaces can be playful, curious and ‘slippery’.

The artist draws on tensions between hard and soft, camp and controlled, formal and playful. He combines sculpture using wood, concrete, metal and paint with performances and installations. Gratrix’s recent solo exhibition, Shy Girl, at the Grundy included collaborations with Jez Dolan, Nicola Dale, Harry Clayton-Wright and Chatum Tanning (Rohanne Udall and Paul Hughes). Gratrix is based in Blackpool where he is co-founder of Abingdon Studios.

Garth Gratrix is part of our inaugural PIVOT artist development programme with Castlefield Gallery.