Image is a portrait of Kaidyn in the gallery. He is look straight at the camera smiling. He is wearing a black jacket and has black hair.

Kaidyn-Lee Morris-Browne

Colonial Legacies Young Event Coordinator, 2021-2022

Kaidyn was a part of the Bluecoat's Colonial Legacies project.

Throughout 2021-2022 we worked with a group of young people aged 14-18 from the Greenhouse Project in L8, to explore the origins of the Bluecoat building in connection to transatlantic slavery.

The Young Event Coordinators co-curated an exhibition and an events programme in person and online, designed a hyperfiction building tour, and produced a ‘zine.

Selected exhibition item

World View: “The map was important because I got to see where other people’s cultures are and they can see mine.”

Best moment

“The exhibition [launch] because everyone got to see what we have been working on in those past months."

Future ambitions

“To use all the information I gained and tell people about it."

No one says you have to cry

Stand and fight with tears in your eyes

Look at our community that we have built

You stand in shame and sorrow because of your guilt

Don’t run or hide

Stand for what’s right

Show some pride

We learn and discover about our past and realise

There is nothing that lasts

We try our best to gain their trust

But they push us down with disgust

I fight for my beliefs

There’s nothing you can do

How can you judge what you haven’t been through?

- Kaidyn-Lee Morris-Browne, April 2022