Salma Noor

PIVOT artist in residence 2020 - present


Salma Noor’s multimedia practice includes the use of digital platforms to interrogate the structures of power that we inhabit and those which inhabit us. She splices historical imagery, often sourced from familial archives, into GIFs, computer animated collages and immersive installations. Noor is the co-founder of DAAD Futurism with Amrita Dhallu and Helen Starr and was both a member and in-house designer of the Radical Womxn’s DANCE Party — a Liverpool-based collective which organised events as a form of protest to bring awareness to the struggles of womxn in anti-capitalist movements.

Her work was part of the you feel me_ exhibition, at FACT, Liverpool for which Salma designed the entire visual identity. She was also a contributing designer for Khabar Keslan's fourth issue: Edge. Salma was commissioned to produce augmented animations for Redistributing Power: The Art Market is Structured Like a Plantation, an event organised by Creative United and her eyelects Cyborg(etics) to Misdemeanor are part of Wysing Broadcasts series.