Selina Karaca

Colonial Legacies Young Event Coordinator, 2021-2022

Selina was a part of the Bluecoat's Colonial Legacies project.

Throughout 2021-2022 we worked with a group of young people aged 14-18 from the Greenhouse Project in L8, to explore the origins of the Bluecoat building in connection to transatlantic slavery.

The Young Event Coordinators co-curated an exhibition and an events programme in person and online, designed a hyperfiction building tour, and produced a ‘zine.

Selected exhibition item

Global City (iPad): “I find the map with pinpoints of people’s backgrounds beautiful as it allows people to appreciate and embrace the different cultures within the community."

Best Moment

“Meeting new people who give me insightful perspectives on topics that I usually don’t get the chance of talking/learning about enough."

Future ambitions

“I aspire to work within the film industry, for example directing" and also to gain “experience with helping our community in some way.”

The sun will have set

The stars and moon will have met

The time will change

From night to day

Yet your blood and history is eternally engraved

Stories are embedded in your rooms

One day, all eyes will open up to the truth

People cannot hide from the proof

If we disguise ourselves,

What would that make us?

Past, present, future

All under one roof

And reliant on hope

Together we can uplift, learn and grow

Grow as in outgrow,

From the torment and anguish

Forced upon our minds

From the evil lies

That come from our society

Heavy hearts are necessary

The key to change isn’t to bury the pain

But to speak, share and pave the way towards better days

Understanding is a necessity.

- Selina Karaca, April 2022