whatsthebigmistry .

Priya Mistry was with us for two week-long residencies in Spring & Summer 2022.

They had dedicated research time in our performance space and explored the Bluecoat’s potential as a residency venue for artists with movement-based practices.

The first residency started 19th - 23rd April 2022 and was made possible as part of the new Dance Consortia North West DCNW Research Programme: re-imagining the region’s dance by researching, creating and delivering new work.


Priya Mistry (U.K) is a Midlands-based artist working under the pseudonym whatsthebigmistry. Their extensive body of works straddle performance, visual, digital and live art since 2002. Presenting work internationally and across the UK in galleries, theatres and the public realm, Mistry is known for an approach which is at once witty, bold and often provocative.

As Performer-Collaborator Mistry is now showing in films as part of exhibitions with Emily Speed’s Flatland at Tate Liverpool until June 2022 and Rita Evans Stringing The Matrix at Tate St Ives from Feb - May 2022. Presently Mistry is working on a new moving image Commission, The Empire’s Old Clothes, with Unlimited for release in 2022 and will be in residency with Bluecoat in Spring 2022.

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