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Programming at the Bluecoat

Here's an insight into how the team at Bluecoat programme our exciting year-round schedule of events and exhibitions.

Programming at the Bluecoat

Bluecoat is a home for creative potential where art and people meet. We create new, more meaningful ways to experience art. As a public venue we have made a commitment to showing a range of perspectives and sharing a broad variety of voices in our galleries and beyond. We think it’s our job, and that of contemporary art, to explore issues that are facing the world today, and to represent all areas of society.

We work with artists over long periods of time to support their practice and to help develop their careers. It might be many years before an artist has a show in the main galleries, or we might work with them in other ways such as residencies, providing networking opportunities, mentoring and offering advice on funding applications. Artists we work with could come from anywhere. We’re keen to support local artists but want to ensure Liverpool gets to see artists’ work of the highest standards from all over the world.

Inspire Curiosity

Bluecoat is a creative playground, a supportive space in which to unearth new ideas and embrace something out of the ordinary. It is a place that sets out to inspire: here, you can make, debate, participate, in new and unexpected ways.

Unlocking Creative Process

Bluecoat brings people into the heart of the creative process, creating new opportunities for individuals and communities to interact with artists as they work. A place not just to look at but to engage with art.

Purposefully inclusive

Bluecoat is an inclusive home for artists and creative practitioners. A place that sees potential in many voices under one roof. A platform for artists with different viewpoints and from backgrounds underrepresented in the sector. Here, artists can find their voice and share their work with a wider and more diverse public.

*Statement written October 2021

Image credit: 'Survey', Bluecoat exhibition launch, 2019. Photo by Brian Roberts