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Come, Come to Mama - Performance by Dahong Hongxuan Wang

See a performance from Dahong Hongxuan Wang, as part of her current exhibition at the Bluecoat.


2:00pm - 3:00pm


Wed 29 May 2024

Wed 29 May, 2pm. Free, drop in

Come, Come to Mama is a performance work adapted from the film of the same name, created by Dahong Hongxuan Wang.

In this unique performance, Dahong will hum songs while preparing food for the audience. The artists hopes that through these actions, the public space will feel like a living room, creating an intimate atmosphere.

In each performance, Dahong shares stories that are tailored to each location. During the performance at the Bluecoat, Dahong will draw from her own identity, her experiences portraying Anna May Wong, and her debut directorial film Role Model, which is based on Wong's story and currently being shown at the Bluecoat. She'll also reflect on her journey to Liverpool, sharing her thoughts on what 'home' and 'journey' means to her. Previously, the performance took place in Beijing, where Dahong spoke about faith.

See 'Role Model' by Dahong Hongxuan Wang at the Bluecoat

Dahong Hongxuan Wang's film Role Model is currently on display at the Bluecoat, alongside Michelle Williams Gamaker's Our Mountains Are Painted on Glass.

The two shows are connected as Dahong Hongxuan Wang portrays the role of Anna May Wong in several of Michelle Williams Gamaker’s works. Dahong Hongxuan Wang ’s new film follows the path of Anna May Wong who travelled to her ancestral hometown of Taishan, Guangdong. Having been rejected by Hollywood in favour of actors in the racist make-up technique of yellowface, Wong set off on a tour of China. Reflecting back on her time in China and America, Wong said “It's a pretty sad situation to be rejected by the Chinese because I'm 'too American' and by American producers because they want other races to act Chinese parts.”

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