dot-art: Botanical Painting

Explore botanical beauty through watercolour painting, perfect for beginner's in this 1 day course.


11:30am - 4:30pm


Sun 14 April 2024

dot-art: Botanical Painting
Sun 14 Apr, 11:30am - 4:30pm

This botanical watercolour painting class from dot-art is designed specifically for beginners who wish to explore the enchanting world of plant artistry. In this course, we will focus on mastering the fundamental techniques of watercolour painting while capturing the elegance of the Monstera leaf. By the end of the class, you'll have the essential skills to delve into a wide array of other plant and flower paintings.

1. Introduction to Watercolour Painting:
- Understand the unique characteristics of watercolour as a medium.
- Learn about essential tools and materials needed for the class.

2. Basic Watercolour Techniques:
- Wet on Wet: Discover the magic of blending colours and creating soft gradients.
- Dry on Wet: Explore controlled brushwork and crisp edges.

3. Comprehending Light and Shadow:
- Study the interplay of light and shadow to bring dimension and depth to your artwork.
- Learn techniques to create realistic shadows and highlights on the Monstera leaf.

4. Step-by-Step Monstera Leaf Painting:
- Guided, hands-on demonstration of painting a Monstera leaf using the learned techniques.

5. Individual Project Time:
- Apply your acquired skills to paint your Monstera leaf with personalised creativity.
- Receive feedback and guidance from the instructor for continuous improvement.

Tutor: Anne Wiziack

Laleh Kamalian - "Pastel is one of my two media of choice. Using their excellent blending properties and vibrant colours they are perfect for painting portraits, still life and landscapes in any style, from the most detailed realism to impressionist or even abstract styles. With the availability of a wide verity of soft pastel products, from pastel pencils to sticks and Pan Pastels, it gives the artist the opportunity to use one individually or combined to create from small details to hazy backgrounds on a large canvas."

Tickets: £65