Introduction to Calligraphy with dot-art

Learn the techniques and tools of creating good lettering and inspirational calligraphy to stylise your text in this one day course.


11:30am - 4:30pm


Sun 09 October 2022

We will start the day course by going over the practical uses of calligraphy and where we can find inspiration, followed by what constitutes good lettering. We will then move onto the tools, going over the proper way of holding a brush pen and explore the associated arm movements. We look at letter formation and practise writing common letter combos, before moving onto uppercase letters.

There will be a fun exercise of trying out a collection of various brush pens, and to finalise the day, you will come up with words, phrases or sentences to write in your newly found calligraphy style. We will create a beautiful watercolour background and touch on watercolour lettering after a demonstration. You will then create your own backgrounds with the watercolour brush pens before writing on cards to take away with you.

Sun 9 Oct, 11:30am-4:30pm

£60 for one-day workshop

About the Tutor

Kristine is a calligrapher and illustrator, having worked with brands such as Armani, Bloomberg, Dior and Gucci on various freelance projects including on-site marketing events, corporate workshops and bespoke commissions.

She is also an experienced calligraphy tutor, teaching more than 2,000 students since 2016.

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