Painting Our Planet with dot-art

Develop a painting creation based on the theme of earth as a hidden jewel in space with tuition from professional artist Madeleine Pires.


11:30am - 5:00pm


Sun 01 May 2022

This workshop’s aim is for each student to create a piece of art on the theme of “Earth as a Hidden Jewel in Space”. What, to you, is the most valuable or precious thing about our planet?

This workshop will be led by Madeleine Pires, a professional artist and teacher who paints nebulas and the natural world. Also with us will be Helen Jermak, Project Scientist at the Astrophysics Research Institute at LJMU. Helen will talk about her work with the Liverpool Telescope and bring insights from a scientific angle, where Madeleine will bring conceptual and practical points about how to visually express this theme in a creative way, with examples and demonstration. Be ready to be inspired, and to bring your own unique contribution to share.

Sunday 1st May 11:30am - 5pm (£50 for 1-day session)

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