Jonathan Raisin

Jonathan Raisin is a composer, writer, community artist and educator whose work is often concerned with communities and place.

He studied music at Dartington College of Arts in the 1980s and has had a wide and varied career since then, mostly based in Liverpool, working as composer, musician, community artist/educator, theatre practitioner, writer and project coordinator.

He has made work with major venues in Liverpool- Bluecoat, Unity and Everyman Theatres, Philharmonic, FACT and more widely across the North West, with Manchester Jazz Festival, Light Up Lancaster and More Music Morecambe, on The Long Walk project.

Where the Arts Belong: Making Sense of it All

Raisin is among a group of leading artists involved with our Where the Arts Belong project which involves the artists working creatively with people living with dementia. Bluecoat's exhibition Where the Arts Belong: Making Sense (Of It All) showcased the work the artists created during and as a result of their time involved with the project so far.

Raisin composed and played the piano on an audio piece, working collaboratively with Roger Hill. Guests could take a seat and listen to the work on a 1950s radio, kindly loaned to us from Grosvenor Museum, Chester.