Liverpool Improvisation Collective

Dance artists, Andrea Buckley, Jo Blowers, Paula Hampson and Mary Prestidge make up the Liverpool Improvisation Collective.

Their joint presence in the city over the past 20 years has created many opportunities to evolve their work both individually and collectively. For ten years they ran Liverpool International Festival of Dance and Improvisation (LIFDI) in conjunction with Space to Move, a research and training intensive for dancers. This project attracted artists working regionally, nationally and internationally.

They have had a shared Studio in Bluecoat since 2008 that has been used for research, rehearsal, workshop and performance purposes. The LIC artists secured funding for a three year programme of new dance work, INHABIT, in partnership with Bluecoat.

INHABIT is a project that constitutes three principal strands operating symbiotically with artist development at the core. LIC and the Bluecoat intend to establish Liverpool as the centre for new and improvised dance practice regionally and nationally.

In order to achieve this, LIC will mobilise and make visible the substantial network of independent performers and dancers with whom they are already in touch with. The collectives aim is to strengthen and develop their own careers and artistic ambition through the sustained development of new public performances; as well as bringing new reference points to the region. This will be attained through inviting leading independent dance practitioners to the city while opening up new pathways for engagement with dance.