Blue Room Moves

Blue Room Moves is our inclusive dance project supporting learning disabled and neurodivergent adults who are interested in dance, movement and performance.

Blue Room Moves is our inclusive dance project. The project builds upon Blue Room, our long running inclusive arts programme and continues the work developed during a long standing collaboration with dance artist Mary Prestidge from the Liverpool Improvisation Collective.

Since 2021, we have been exploring new ways to creatively support learning disabled and neurodivergent adults who are interested in dance, movement and performance. The project has supported existing Blue Room artists to explore dance as a new artform in addition to welcoming new individuals into our community to express themselves through movement.

Supported by an experienced team of dance practitioners and associated artists, musicians and technicians, Blue Room Moves members have had regular access to facilitated sessions and dance studio space along with mentoring and opportunities to develop new work for performance.

As part of Blue Room Moves members have shared their developing dance practice with live audiences at the Bluecoat.

Photography by Brian Roberts

The Sky’s the Limit

Blue Room Moves artist Tony Carroll worked with dance artist Helen Cherry and digital artist Noel Jones to explore dance for the camera, playing with different technologies and dancing in unusual spaces. This new work experimented with using a 360 camera to project film alongside the artists performing live.


Diana Disley performed with dance artists from Liverpool Improvisation Collective including Paula Hampson, Mary Prestidge and Andrea Buckley and Blue Room Moves Facilitator Vicci Riley. Disley developed her movement by using a range of materials; photographs, objects and sounds to inspire new ways of moving.

Elvis in Blue

Elvis in Blue was a new performance-in-development by members of the Blue Room Moves group and guest artist Will Dickie. The piece created a live, joyful space where the group shared creative movement explorations inspired by a shared love of Elvis Presley

Moving Together

In collaboration with musician Michael Paul Metcalfe, Blue Room Moves members explored percussion, rhythm and sound, creating live accompaniment for improvised movement.

Blue Room Moves artists Tony Carroll and Diana Disley
Blue Room Moves artist John Steele with Facilitator Vicci Riley
This short film by Noel Jones shares the journey of Blue Room Moves as a shared experience, from warming up in the dance studio, to creative collaboration and sharing performances with audiences.

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