Where the Arts Belong: In Conversation

Join us for a fascinating insight into working creatively with people on a dementia journey.


6:00pm - 7:00pm


Mon 16 May 2022



As part of Bluecoat’s ongoing project Where the Arts Belong, an award winning series of artist residencies and projects in dementia care homes run by Belong.

Leading visual artists, writers, storytellers, dancers, musicians and composers have worked creatively with people living with dementia on a wide range of artistic activities. While experienced at working with others, this was the first time each artist had worked in a dementia setting. They have been on this mutually supportive journey with Bluecoat’s Participation team, led by artist and facilitator Tabitha Moses who will jointly facilitate this discussion with Bluecoat's Head of Programme, Marie-Anne McQuay. Hear from Francisco Carrasco, Gav Cross, Alan Dunn, Roger Hill, Brigitte Jurack, Mary Prestidge, Jonathan Raisin.

Starting in 2019 and continuing into 2022, the artists have navigated the emergence of Covid 19, while remaining dedicated to working with the residents, staff and families of North West Belong Villages. An additional sister strand We Belong Together was also developed to help tackle the isolation brought on by lockdowns for older people.

Tune in and visit an exhibition 'Where the Arts Belong: Making Sense (Of It All)' in Bluecoat's upper gallery, running alongside Suki Chan's exhibition CONSCIOUS.

Three people, one is facing the camera and smiling with their arms in the air, and wearing a red striped top, the other two have their back towards the camera, are also raising their hands.

Where the Arts Belong

Find out more about the project and the artists involved.