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The Bluecoat believes everyone can be creative and it is our mission to make the Bluecoat a space for this creativity to grow, flourish and be shared.

We find that working alongside artists helps people feel more comfortable with the contemporary art forms that make up our programme. Taking part in an activity is also a valuable way of finding out more about the creative community based at the Bluecoat. To this end, our programme of activities uses the arts programme and the creative community as inspiration. This makes for a wide ranging and regularly changing programme with something for everyone.


Our public programme includes opportunities for people to participate in high quality activities through a changing programme of family workshops and family weekends and our programme of adult classes and workshops.

Print Studios

There has been a printmaking facility at the Bluecoat since the late 1960's, initially concentrating on the process of etching but now encompassing a broader range of techniques.  Housed in two studios, our Print Studios offer courses, workshops and studio hire to anyone interested in exploring the creative possibilities of print, from absolute beginners to practised artists.  


Our Participation team works with many different partner organisations to design and deliver arts activities for specific groups. These activities break down barriers and increase access to the arts especially for those who may find it harder to get involved for a variety of reasons. For examples of our targeted programme you can find information on our Blue Room, Out of the Blue and Where the Arts Belong pages.

Education Partners

Our programme for schools and education partners includes sessions for all ages and key stages both at the Bluecoat and in your organisation. We are also involved in training teachers and in delivering extended services. Please click on Education Partners for more detail, downloadable resources and example activities.


We host a variety of different workshops throughout the year by various providers. Take a look through our events page to see the most up to date courses. 

About the Bluecoat

Bluecoat is Liverpool’s centre for the contemporary arts, the oldest in the UK. Our landmark building, located in the ...

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Tickets & Information

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