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Everyday Anti-Racism

At the Bluecoat we’re striving to embed anti-racist action within our organisation. We want to be advocates for racial justice to create an inclusive culture.

This 'Everyday Anti-Racism Programme' has been designed to help you make anti-racist action an everyday experience. You might have seen some of this programme in our Colonial Legacies project.

We are starting to challenge our own internal structures, policies and processes, behaviours and values and would like to help you begin this process too.

We’ll be sharing different short tasks, blogs and other information through this page and across our social media based on art, personal reflections, popular culture and news.

This programme provides a way into anti-racist practices and inspiration for your own anti-racist work.

Follow the programme below. We'll update twice a week.

Get involved

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Or email us at marketing@theblueacoat.org.uk