The Bluecoat's Looked After Children

13 July - 09 October 2022

This exhibition explored the history of the Bluecoat building as a charity school and the unheard voices of the children it housed.

This exhibition brought together archival material relating to the school together with contemporary art, including documentation of past Bluecoat exhibitions and performances that have interrogated this history.

The Bluecoat has worked directly with a group of adults with experience of the modern care system, along with creatives, to research some of the individual children identified in the school’s archive. Under the guidance of Liverpool writer Margy McShane the participants have creatively reimagined the lost voices of these children.

The work produced by this adult group was featured in an installation commission from interactive design studio Stand + Stare, which has formed the centrepiece of the exhibition and brings to life some of the stories of the children from the Bluecoat’s past. This installation is still available to see in our gallery.

Looked After Children is part of the Bluecoat’s Echoes and Origins project, exploring the eighteenth-century origins of the building through an engagement with local people.

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