Yamm Tree and Colonial Legacies

12 December 2021

Participants tried delicious vegan food and learned about African and traditional meals with Yamm Tree in this free workshop aimed at ages 14-19 and their families.

This event was part of our Colonial Legacies project.

Colonial Legacies

A young persons project that explores the building’s connections to the sea, through the Liverpool merchants who supported the school using profits derived from trade with Africa and the British colonies. This includes the transatlantic slave trade and goods enabled by slavery, such as cotton, sugar and tobacco, which contributed to the charity school’s fortunes. This project is created in partnership with Greenhouse Project.

Yamm Tree

A health and wellness company focused on providing high quality nutrition advice and products. Yamm Tree prioritises the importance of eating indigenously and how it relates to health. They create afro-fusion medicine meals with flavours from the motherland: every meal is designed to heal. I yamm what I yamm!